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Assailant News


Welcome to Assailant Comics!

I’m proud to welcome you here to learn about (and hopefully purchase) the books we have to offer. Our goal is to provide the reader with a different type of comic book experience. I want you to love our books, but I also want to share with you the process of creating them. Where the stories came from, the artists behind them, and a detailed look into the process of actually creating a book-shaped object you can hold in your hand, (or a digital copy you can download).


This blog will serve as a notice for all Assailant Comics news, but I also plan on adding some personal commentary that I hope generates some feedback from all of you out there in Internet Land. First of all, I know this website looks like it jumped out of 1997, but I built it myself and just the fact that it works (so far) is a bit of a miracle. Of course I had some help along the way, (Thanks Dan, Scott, Shawn and Alan). It’s been an interesting experience. I’ll just leave it at that.


A little history: (a more detailed history of how I got here can be found HERE)


I started writing Binary Gray in the Spring of 2011 and completed the first story arc (12 issues) around September. I went to a couple of cons last year and effectively struck out with every publisher I spoke with. Luckily though, I made some great contacts and started meeting people who were publishing their own books, which completely turned me around. Instead of sitting on stacks of scripts and receiving rejection letters (most publishers don’t take submissions from writers without an artist anyway), I decided to put my own books together.


I knew it would be a lot of work. (I was kidding myself. It was 10x my maximum expectation.) But, in the case of Binary Gray, knowing where this started.. as an idea in my stupid brain.. it felt absolutely magical to see the entire process. From concept, to script, to pencils, to inks, colors, letters and finally print; I knew I’d made the right decision. Then suddenly I was registering a domain name for Assailant Comics and handling the business end of it all. It’s already snowballed into another book, “Sleepless” (scheduled for release in October), and the book I’m currently writing, “Things Behind the Sun”. I’m working with an array of talented artists on multiple stories, building this website, ordering fun merchandise (shirts and stickers), gearing up for a ton of conventions this year.. and oh yeah.. still working 40+ hours a week. This is a MONSTER. But it’s my monster. And I love it.


So thank you for being here, showing your support, reading this RIDICULOUSLY long post, and taking the time to see what Assailant Comics is all about. Binary Gray #1 and #2 are currently available to download digitally and the print versions will be available to ship VERY SOON!

Ideas happen. This is the result.


Thank you,



Chris Charlton

Evil Overlord @ Assailant Comics






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