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Assailant News


TONS of Reviews, News & Artwork!!

First things first – COMIC CON NEWS!!

I’ll be at Lexington Comic Con, next weekend – March 14th-16th! New books for sale, the whole shebang! (that’s a word, right?) Secondly, I will NOT be appearing at MegaCon in Orlando – just couldn’t make the trip this year, however What The Flux Comics will be there with Assailant books! So go to their table and tell them I sent you! Since the last update I have been added to Baltimore Comic Con and as always you can check the CONVENTIONS PAGE for a complete list (and links) of where I’ll be and when!

OK. Reviews.

I can’t say THANK YOU enough for the slew of reviews we’ve received over the last month for Binary Gray and Black of Heart. They’ve ALL been excellent as well, which really just makes me extremely proud and excited for the future. Please check these out at the links below and you can find ALL of our reviews on the PRESS PAGE!

COMICRELATED.COM – Binary Gray: Volume One

EVILGEEKS.COM – Black of Heart #1 & #2

FANBOYCOMICS.NET – Black of Heart #1 & #2Binary Gray: Volume One

COMICSPECTRUM.COM – Black of Heart #1 & #2

SEQUENTIALTART.COM – Binary Gray: Volume OneBlack of Heart #2


Writing is completed for our new series “The Weight of Air” with artist Todd Beistel and I couldn’t be more excited for this project. The story is centered around psychic Robert Gellman as he works with his friend, Detective Nick Hammond, to track down a serial killer in present day Hollywood. Look for more news VERY soon!

Open Tree #1 – “FREEDOM RUN”, Binary Gray #7 and Black of Heart #3 are all nearing completion and expected to print late Spring.


Open Tree #2 – “Linus & The Fluke of Love” and Binary Gray #8 are both in production and looking AMAZING.


Writing has begun for another new mini-series. This time we’ll be tackling the Sci-Fi genre. The books working title is “Dead End World” and it’s shaping up to be something TRULY special!


Black of Heart received 2nd Place in the General Category for the 2013 SPACE PRIZE!! Truly flattered and honored. We were in some GREAT company and congrats to all of the finalists and winners!!

Here’s an actual video interview of ME on the UVN Spotlight! I know – technology, right?! Thanks to Dirk Bauman for taking the time to interview me and his enthusiasm for all of our work here at Assailant Comics! Click the link to watch me talk about things!

OK – it just dawned on me that I should maybe try to do these more than once a month. This is like drinking from a fire hose.

AS ALWAYS – you can get teasers, news, artwork and YEAH – FREE STUFF – at our FACEBOOK PAGE! I update it regularly, so if you’re not following us there – WHY NOT?!

Congrats to the winners of the Binary Gray: Volume One giveaway last month and THANKS to everyone who entered!!


Chris Charlton

Official Carnival Barker

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