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Assailant News


Print Comics Available, 1st Review Online!

Just like the title says, the print versions of Binary Gray #1 and #2 are now available on the site! They look amazing! Very exciting. And of course all of the other Assailant goodies can be shipped to you as well!

Just a REMINDER: There was a small run of Variant covers for Binary Gray #1 printed, which will be sold at CONS ONLY! STARTING THIS WEEKEND at SPACE in COLUMBUS, OH! CAPS LOCK!

I’m also proud to announce the first review for Binary Gray #1 and #2 is up at 4 out of 5 Stars! We’re all very proud of that here at Assailant. I’ll be sure and keep you posted as new reviews and media hype comes this way.

A sincere Thank You to everyone who has helped support Assailant as we try to get our legs under us. Is that a horse reference, or is it just related to babies in general? I’m gonna look it up.



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