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Assailant News


Official KICKSTARTER for Black of Heart #2!!

You can read all of the details at the link above, but essentially we’re trying to raise money to cover our printing costs for Black of Heart #2 and beyond (if we go over our goal). There are TONS of great incentives to pledge toward including a cameo in the new book, signed copies, a limited edition 11×17″ poster of David Hollenbach’s artwork made exclusively for the Kickstarter campaign AND a 20×30″ canvas (professionally printed) of ANY page or cover (with or without lettering) from Black of Heart #1 or #2!! Quite an array to choose from.
In addition, you get to see me in the video (filmed and edited by Cincinnati’s own Dave Markey) telling about the inspiration for the story along with some artwork from the first book! HUGE THANKS TO DAVE FOR THAT!!
And I’m not sure why everything hits in waves, but as I mentioned yesterday, there is an AMAZING article about Assailant Comics in this weeks issue of City Beat – check it out HERE – not to mention I’ll be spending Free Comic Book Day at Rockin Rooster (that’s tomorrow FYI) and Sunday, May 5th I’ll be at the Cincinnati Library Comic Con talking about the incredible adventure that IS self publishing and selling/signing Assailant books!
You’re probably already thinking.. “How can I possibly process anymore info?” First, take a deep breath. Then check out not one, but TWO interviews that both hit today!
I spoke with SEQUENTIALTART.COM regarding everything from the future of Assailant Comics (including Binary Gray and Black of Heart) to what got me interested in comics in the first place. Thanks to Sheena McNeil for a GREAT interview! READ IT HERE!
Today also saw the release of an interview I did at SPACE a couple of weeks ago with some awesome guys with a podcast called THE WOMBMATES! This is an audio interview and I highly recommend listening to the whole podcast (#37), but for those hardcore Assailant fans who just want to hear my nasally voice, fast forward to 44 minutes. Thanks guys! Check it out HERE!! As an added bonus there’s a link to the digital version of the SPACE Anthology, which features “THREE YEARS” from Sleepless (the story I did with David Hollenbach) and an insane amount of talented creators showing off their stuff. CHECK IT OUT!
OK.. That’s enough for one day, let alone one WEEK. PLEASE take the time to check out the Kickstarter and pledge to keep the print copies of Black of Heart alive and strong!!
Thanks as always!


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