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Assailant News


Kickstarter Successful! New Review and Interview!

A HUGE THANK YOU for the incredible support we received for the Black of Heart Kickstarter! An amazing 151% completion percentage!! For those of you that pledged your support, I’ll be in touch shortly with details (and info requests) regarding your incentives. Thank you again for believing in our project!

I’m keeping this short and to the point and apologize for the lateness of this update but things have been crazy! (good crazy not bad crazy)

NEW REVIEWBinary Gray Issues 1 – 4 by – This is an amazing review by someone who definitely understands the premise of the book and “gets it”. Many thanks to Dustin for the kind words.

NEW INTERVIEWw/ (me) Chris Charlton at – Thank you to Sheena for taking the time and being interested enough in our work at Assailant to put this together. I think it turned out great!

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Brian Latimer to the Assailant family! Brian is the artist for the first issue of one of our new titles “OPEN TREE – Legends and Tall Tales”. He’s doing pencils and inks for a story called “Freedom Run” which is a bit of a supernatural Western “one shot” book. I’ll be posting his amazing artwork up on the Assailant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so CHECK IT OUT!!

AND AND AND – If you HAVEN’T been checking out the previously mentioned social media sites for Assailant – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! I’ve been sending out sneak previews of Binary Gray #5 (Coming VERY Soon) AND Black of Heart #2!! You don’t want to miss this stuff!!

There’s a lot in the works here at Assailant, so as always we thank you for your support!

Til next time,

Chris Charlton
(Evil Henchman To Myself)


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