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Assailant News


Digital Downloads of Binary Gray #4 and Black of Heart #1 AVAILABLE NOW!!

The title says it all. Print versions of both books will be available in less than 2 weeks, but the digital collectors/readers out there can get a jump start now!

BINARY GRAY #4: The secret agenda of The Agency is revealed in “Welcome to the Machine” Part 4 of 4!

BLACK OF HEART #1: The first issue in a five part miniseries set in 1949 New York City. Detective Drake Harper searches for a torturous serial killer known as “The Vulture” while battling his own personal demons in this gritty noir thriller.

A few quick notes:

The Assailant Store is under slight construction and I apologize in advance for there being now “View Cart” or “Checkout” options in the store itself. Unfortunately you’ll have to access those through the main STORE menu until I can learn PHP code or find someone who understands it haha. I apologize again for the inconvenience.

Both digital books are also available at Graphicly and, complete with a FREE PREVIEW of Black of Heart!!

You may notice some new info and material on the site itself for the launch of Black of Heart. Everyone at Assailant is extremely proud of this book and a big thank you to David Hollenbach for his incredible artwork and Brant Fowler for his always great lettering work. It’s truly a pleasure to work with these guys – professionals to the end.

Huge thanks also go out to the Binary Gray crew, who are continuing to turn out impressive work with Issue #4. (Issue #5 is right around the corner, btw)

Pencils/Inks: Rowel Roque
Colors: Anthonie Wilson
Letters: Brant W. Fowler
Cover Art: David Hollenbach

AND DON’T FORGET: Lexington Comic Con is right around the corner!! Check out the full list of attendees HERE, and don’t forget to stop by the Assailant booth for some great deals and autographed copies of our books!

As always, thank you for your continued support – especially for all of the love we’ve received on our FACEBOOK page as we’ve released teasers for the new books. Your love is what keeps us going!!

Til next time!

Chris Charlton


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