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Assailant News


Assailant Comics proudly presents the following titles:

Writer: Chris Charlton
Artist: Rowel Roque

Alex Gray has the ability to communicate with any electronic device, but the search for his father’s killer quickly unravels a very tangled web in this dark super hero adventure.

The first 6 issues are currently available individually or in Trade Paper Back format in the Assailant Comics Store!





Writer: Chris Charlton
Artist: David Hollenbach

1949 New York City provides the backdrop for Black of Heart; the story of Detective Drake Harper as he searches for a serial killer known as “The Vulture” while battling his own personal demons in this gritty noir thriller. Suggested for mature readers.

The first TWO issues of this five issue mini-series is available now in the Assailant Comics Store!





Writer: Chris Charlton
Artists: Jorge Corona, Brian Latimer, Morgan Beem, Lauren Sparks

Open Tree: Legends & Tall Tales is a collection of unique one-shot love themed stories, set to tug on the strings of your heart and imagination. The Supernatural Western, “FREEDOM RUN”, and rhyming Tall Tale, “Linus & The Fluke of Love” – BOTH COMING IN 2014!!




Writer: Chris Charlton
Artists: David Hollenbach, Gregory Woronchak, Joe Badon, Rowel Roque

Sleepless is a collection of short stories, each with their own individual twists and turns.  From UFO abductions, to a missing lover, to a man surviving on his own after the collapse of society.  Sleepless is available now in digital and print formats in the Assailant Comics Store!




Don’t forget to check the Where To Buy page for details on purchasing Assailant books from a variety of vendors, local stores and conventions!