Cincinnati Love, Conventions and Robert Venditti!

THANK YOU CINCINNATI!!   Not only will you be able to find Binary Gray: Volume One in the Cincinnati Public Library in the VERY near future, but Assailant Comics represented at Heroes Night for the Cincinnati Roller Girls this month! It was a great time and I had the chance to meet a lot of […]

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TONS of Reviews, News & Artwork!!

First things first – COMIC CON NEWS!!   I’ll be at Lexington Comic Con, next weekend – March 14th-16th! New books for sale, the whole shebang! (that’s a word, right?) Secondly, I will NOT be appearing at MegaCon in Orlando – just couldn’t make the trip this year, however What The Flux Comics will be […]

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Binary Gray: Vol 1 & Issue #6 ON SALE NOW!

I feel like a PROUD PAPA today! Binary Gray: Volume One, which collects the first six issues, is available now – not to mention, the single issue of Binary Gray #6 for those that are already up to speed! Not only that, but VOLUME ONE IS ON SALE THIS WEEK ONLY!!! $5.00 OFF!!! Don’t miss […]

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