New Books, Great Reviews & Cool Stuff!

Two new books have released in the last couple of weeks! BLACK OF HEART #3 (continuing the creepy noir detective series) and the first issue of OPEN TREE (a supenatural western one-shot), both of which have garnered some amazing reviews!!   Don’t believe me? See for yourself!   COMICBASTARDS.COM – Black of Heart #3 – […]

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Pre-Order Black of Heart #3 + More!!

I’m sure any creator will tell you they hope for great things from any of their creations, just as David and I did with Black of Heart. With just two issues we’ve already surpassed our lofty expectations! A huge following… a successful Kickstarter…   In April, BLACK OF HEART received a 2nd Place award for […]

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All singing, All dancing – Assailant May Update!

The May update almost didn’t happen. Between conventions, writing and editing, I’ve been stretched pretty thin this month!   David Hollenbach and I received the SPACE Prize for our work on Black of Heart #1 at SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus, Ohio! Our thanks to the judges and congratulations to the […]

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