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Black of Heart review from Comics Legend Tony Isabella!

My apologies for the delay in updates but I’ve been hitting the convention circuit hard so far this season with some great results!

Black of Heart #1 seems to be capturing a lot of readers attention, and of course a great review from a legend in the comic book industry doesn’t hurt either. Tony Isabella is the creator of Black Lightning and Black Goliath, as well as the writer for Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Captain America and more! This is a man whose opinion I value and so this review means a lot to me. Thank you Tony!

I’ve put the review below, but as always, you can find reviews for all Assailant books under our PRESS section!

Writer Chris Charlton stopped by my Tricon table to give me Black
of Heart #1 [Assailant Comics; $4.99]. Set in Brooklyn after World
War II, it’s a chilling tale of a homicide detective with a broken
marriage and the serial killer he’s trying to catch. The killer is
a particularly creepy sort, the kind of insane murderer we see on
TV’s Criminal Minds every week. However, placing that killer in a
time far (but not too far) away, a time when law enforcement didn’t
have the technological tools or psychiatric knowledge of present-
day investigators and profilers, gives the story a freshness that
has me eager for the second issue.

Artist David Hollenbach gives the visual an appropriately sinister
atmosphere with an impressive command of his blacks, greys and odd
splash of red. It remains me of the better wash tones the black-
and-white horror magazines only occasionally achieved back in the
1970s. Of course, for all I know, Hollenbach manages this on his
computer, but the end result is that it looks great.

You can order Black of Heart #1 and other Assailant Comics titles
via the publisher’s website.


And of course a big thank you to all of the great fans and supporters I’ve met out on the road. It’s always a pleasure to see someone excited to pick up the new issue of Binary Gray or asking when the next issue of Black of Heart or Sleepless will be out. Thank you again and sit tight because new issues for all of the Assailant books are underway including a new title this year featuring one-shot issues of Tall Tales and Legends! Be sure and LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for sneak peeks at all of the new books coming your way soon!

Stay Tuned – and as always, thanks for reading!

Chris Charlton


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