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BINARY GRAY #5 – Print Copies Available NOW! +Reviews!

Pick up your copies THIS WEEKEND (June 29th) at Derby City Con in Louisville, KY!! Check out the site (HERE) for details on the event. TONS of great artists, costumes and comics!! The whole event has been taken over by our good friends at and it’s set up to be a hell of a show!

Now then – if you CAN’T make it to the show, Binary Gray #5 is available in print through and next week via local Cincinnati Area comic books shops. Digital versions of the book (still just $1.00) are available through the Assailant site as well as and!!

So, pick your poison! Either way, the book is out, it looks amazing and it’s a great chapter in the story of Alex Gray.

But, if you don’t believe me, take their word for it: Another great review from for Binary Gray #5!! (MILD SPOILERS IN THE REVIEW FYI)

BUT WAIT (you’re probably saying right now) CHRIS, I’M NEW TO BINARY GRAY! Well, lucky for you, there’s a new review for Binary Gray #1 today as well, so give it a read and see if it’s your cup of tea!!

Dirk’s Comic Book Corner has done a very flattering write up for Binary Gray – CHECK IT OUT AT THIS LINK!! And don’t forget – Binary Gray #1 is STILL a FREE DOWNLOAD at all of the digital sites linked above!!

Ok, ok… this was a BIG update. Hard to believe we’re releasing our 7th book in just over a year. And three more on the horizon for FALL, not to mention the big Binary Gray TPB. Thank you again for all of the hard work our incredible team does – Rowel Roque, Thonie Wilson, Brant Fowler, Nathian Gormley, Alan Javate and the amazing people at What The Flux Comics for believing in the work we do. And OF COURSE, for YOUR support for reading and always asking when the next book will be out. As always, spread the word – whatever you’re doing, it’s working, so keep at it!!

I’ll leave you with this… another preview from Black of Heart #2! (If you ever check the Assailant Facebook Page, you’d have seen it a week ago!)


More awesome work from David Hollenbach!

Hope to see you Saturday at Derby City!



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