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Binary Gray #3 & Sleepless #1 DIGITAL AVAILABLE NOW!! BG#1 FREE Download!!

First and foremost, thank you for your patience. The third issue of Binary Gray was initially slated for release at the end of July, which became August, which became September. Sometimes things just happen that way in the comic book industry. In part, that’s what makes a collaboration of writer/artist/colorist/letterer such an amazing thing.

Binary Gray #4 is already in production, slated for a November release.

In addition to the release of Binary Gray #3 and Sleepless #1, I’m also now giving away the first issue of Binary Gray as a FREE download in the Assailant Store! CLICK HERE!

My other digital providers are also following suit here with the free download of BG#1, so if you prefer to download and read on the FREE CLOUD 9 COMIX app for your iPAD or Android device, you can also do so there! Same goes for MYDIGITALCOMICS.COM and GRAPHICLY!!

I’d also like to point out that Binary Gray #3 marks the end of the Binary decode contest, so be sure and pick up BG#3, decode the last message and follow the instructions. The winner gets a BIG ASSAILANT PRIZE PACK!!! It’s so exciting I’m pulling out all my Christmas sweaters just to hang out in until it’s time to start giving away gifts. Good times!

Another big thank you to all of the hard work from the artists that went into both of these releases. Sleepless in particular was a collaboration between myself, four artists, two colorists, one letterer and a partridge in a pear tree. Not to mention the beautiful cover art by Matt Dicke.

And of course the same quality work from the Binary Gray team. Everyone continues to be impressed by this book and I’m sure it will stay that way.

I know this is long, so forgive me.


I will be in Pt Pleasant, WV this weekend selling the new books and Assailant Gear at the 2012 Mothman Festival. TWO WEEKS FROM NOW is the big Cincinnati Comic Expo – that’s right – the big home town show for Assailant Comics! So please come out and support and show some love!!

Thanks as always,

Chris Charlton


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