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Assailant News

The Many Faces of BINARY GRAY



The main character in Binary Gray. Still haunted by nightmares of his father’s death, 30 year old Alex Gray is an IT Technician stuck in the slump of a lifetime. Until one day an accidental electrocution leaves him with the power to communicate with any electronic device simply by touching it.

Powers include:
Electronic communications through physical contact
Bypassing passwords or firewalls instantly
Visualizing network interfaces without the need for a monitor
Brain acts as file storage, recalling memories and data in perfect detail






Once called “The Savior of Sky City”, The Cross was their first true icon for justice.  He created “The Virtue”, a group of heroes watching over the city, but now retired, he acts only as an advisor and mentor to the group.  His son, Ken, has taken over The Cross mantle and acts as the current head of The Virtue.

Powers include:
Super strength
Energy projected from hands







With skin like lava rock and a molten core, Scaldron can summon his fire power at will.  The extreme heat generated from his body has made him difficult to capture. Alex holds Scaldron responsible for the death of his father.  His current whereabouts remain a mystery.

Powers Include:
Super Strength
Lava rock skin
Fire projected from hands






THE MOTHMoth char

Believed to be the last of his race, “the Oolorm”, Moth fled to the United States after his people were wiped out by guerrillas who stumbled upon their underground society. Taken in by The Cross, Moth was a founding member of The Virtue and serves as the team psychic and science officer.

Powers include:
Fear and calm-inducing power of suggestion




benthamSmallerAGENT BENTHAM

His true identity concealed beneath a wrap of bandages, Bentham is infamous for his merciless demeanor. His training with firearms and physical speed make him a lethal adversary. Rumors of genetic alteration and reanimation often circulate, even amongst the ranks of the Agency. Bentham’s only goal is to serve Miss Devine and Agent Nowell in their quest to eradicate the super-human threat by any means necessary. His current target: Alex Gray.

Two Beretta 93R pistols.
Ruger SP101 strapped to his ankle.





WING / NATHAN DELSHAYWing bust small

Inheriting retractable feather wings from his Apache mother, Nathan was born and raised in the high plains outside of Sky City. As he grew older, Wing developed the ability to turn his skin as hard as stone. Convinced he had a higher calling in life, he joined The Virtue and became a protector of Sky City. Wing is more likely to listen than speak and has become the new “face” of the team.

Powers Include:
Skin turns to rock
3x strength when in rock form





dash version punk rockDASH / STACY SHAHIN

Dash is the descendant of a race of Leopard people called the Fusca, that originated in the forests of India. The storied past of her people has left her the last full-blooded Fuscan in America. Dash was a student at Sky City University studying psychology when she became the first and only female member of The Virtue at the age of 23.

Powers Include:
Super speed
Agility, climbing
Claws, teeth






One of the meanest Marine’s you’ll ever meet. So mean in fact, some of his own soldiers locked him in an experimental cryofreeze chamber as payback for his brutal treatment. He escaped but found his molecules had been completely altered, allowing him to manipulate his body into different icy forms, even changing his face. A cold-blooded killer in every sense of the word, he leads an army of terrorists from his hidden underground bunker.

Powers Include:
Ability to change form and triple in size
Arms form ice stabbing weapons / shields
Projects ice shards from fingers






Chinese twins, code named Yin & Yang, were “recruited” into the Agency in 2006. Together they form a sentient being known as Tao. The full extent of Tao’s power is unknown, but it is believed that travel through breaks in the time-space continuum is a possibility.

Powers Include:
Manipulation of dark and light energy
Creates portals to move through solid objects
Ability to alter physical form



Be sure and check back for more character biographies as the story of BINARY GRAY unfolds!


All characters created by Chris Charlton.

Designs by Alex Pascenko & Rowel Roque.