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FOUR new books debuting at Gem City Comic Con!

SURPRISE! Four new books debuting at Gem City Comic Con in Dayton, Ohio March 28th!! Not only that, but you can get the Digital downloads RIGHT NOW!!   Just check out the new inventory in the ASSAILANT STORE!   – Black of Heart #4: “In Plain Sight” – Open Tree #2: “Linus & The Fluke […]

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Black Friday SALE, Awards & What’s coming in 2015!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Step away from the leftovers and Star Wars trailer to check out some very cool news!   In case you missed it on our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE, we’re giving away ALL DIGITAL BOOKS FOR FREE!! Happy Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Festivus – whatever you’re into! This only […]

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Long Time No See – TONS OF UPDATES!

Greetings Assailant Fans!   I humbly apologize for our extra long hiatus. In fact, I hadn’t realized just how long it had been! YIKES.   Back on track now with some updates, news, reviews and a whole lot more. Hold on to your socks (if you’re wearing them), because this is gonna be a SUPER-MEGA-ULTRA […]

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