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About Sleepless

The concept of Sleepless is not unlike many other anthologies out there in Comic Book Land. Short stories with twist endings. Aspects of horror, sure… but also comedy and suspense. A good mix to keep things interesting.
The title “Sleepless” comes directly from my own insomnia. It’s an idea I’ve always loved since I was young, reading Stephen King’s short story collections like Skeleton Crew or Night Shift. I’m fairly certain I’ve lived my entire life with an undiagnosed case of ADD, so these types of books have always been my favorite and the urge to create my own was hard to resist.
The goal of the book was always collaboration with different writers and artists as a showcase for talent and platform for experimenting within the comics medium.
Issue #1 is available NOW in the Assailant Store or through and!!


Sleepless Stories
Sleepless Artists